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Forgot your password? We're somewhat embarrassed to say we use Craigslist due to its reputation, although we defend it fairly vehemently Example! We thought that the best thing we could do is outline what helps us determine who is real and who is not, while debunking some common misconceptions. Despite how savvy we think we are, we still get it wrong some of the time though so, feel free to take this with a bit of caution.

There are plenty of posts discussing peoples' opinion about Craigslist. This is not one of them A post on CL is a lot like an ad, except you have to renew it if you plan on continuing to use CL as a meet resource.

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We'd love to hear other pointers on how to navigate the CL environment. Finally, we use CL to find other couples only. Our experiences may not apply to other areas of Craigslist. We do not define as fake or real, they are all real.

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There are no 'bots' on Craigslist, every respondent to your ad and ever ad was created by a human being. Your challenge lies within determining whether or not the poster or respondent is truthful about their intentions; not whether they are real or not. Pictures are 'thumbnail' sized, irregularly shaped, or of their genitalia only. There is too much emphasis on trying to prove the poster is real. For example: multiple mentions of the weather, whether or a local sports team has won or lost recently, asking respondents to add a word to the subject or their response.

Sluts in Montana

Abundant use of lingo or stock ad. Link to Swinger's Board Dictionary. Our definition of a stock ad is the following:.

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We're not Ken and Barbie and do not expect you to be either. Both DDF, non smokers and looking for the same. The weather is 63 degrees today and the Sox won!

Sluts in Montana

Put "some random word here" in your response so we know you're real! The emphasis is on a one, two or three line ad with common terms and making a point to prove they are real. Too much ambiguity. If you cannot say why they swing, describe how to they look from a picture or description or exactly what they are looking for, then their ad is too ambiguous. You should take this is as a they are not serious or not truthful. Excessive white lines.

Sluts in Montana

Images should be equally sized but you should take into consideration cropping if they are not sending unaltered photos. Images should be sent through and be larger than kb. If there is a clue in the photo to a preference from either party, casually ask them about it in a later .

Similarly, pay attention to whether or not their later answers match up with the information in their ad. For example: He is wearing boxers that say Ohio State University on them. Ask if he is a Buckeyes fan. Simply verify they are who they say they are with a quick call.

Sluts in Montana

Both of you should be available at the time of the call, and if you prefer the same from the other couple, ask that they both be present. If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

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An 11 inch penis is most likely not his. Very quick reference to anal, double penetration, or excessive swinger activities should be a of either poor judgement or too much pornographic influence.

Sluts in Montana

Requests to trade pictures of wives are always, without fail, false. If you're looking for another couple or person, you should be passing over these anyways. Use of age appropriate terms. If someone is over 30, we do not expect 'lol' to be used after every other word. If the poster refers to themselves too objectively, it is probably a single male trying to live out his fantasy. For example: "the male does x, or the female does y".

Use of 'he' and 'she', to an extent, is acceptable!

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Knowledge of the local area or lingo is helpful. This helps demonstrate an understanding of the area. There is no such thing as 'bots' responding to .

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Once you understand what you mean by 'bot', you'll understand why this is not a realistic concern. Asking for a respondent to put a word in the title will prove the respondent is real.

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All posters are real, the question is whether or not they are truthful. Thoughtful that relate a quick impression of how long you've been swinging, who you are and what you are looking for, why you are looking for it especially with a link or mention of a paysite profile; will have equally truthful respondents. Posting a picture does not tremendously help your cause if your ad is truthful and well thought out.

Pictures are quick ways out of putting work into your ad. A mention of 'No Single Males' in your ad will not deter single males.

This requires patience over a quick tongue. A 'pic collector' is someone whose goal it is to collect as many pictures as possible of yourself and your partner. Ask yourself, have the pictures you've sent given the other couple a reasonable expectation of your looks and physique? If so, feel free to voice your questions about their intentions.

Craigslist is the only resource for letting the area know you'll be at a bar, club, or restaurant and are looking for another couple or single person. Simply posting that you will be at X tonight and are looking for another couple can have very positive .

Sluts in Montana

We've been using Craigslist for 5 years off and on. If you can navigate the internet, you should not have much trouble with Craigslist .

Sluts in Montana

Reply only with pic or will get deleted. Voice verify is needed before meeting.

Montana craigslist sex swing

Tonight would be ideal, but we'll be on this earth a while longer, so we can set something up for another time. We are very laid back, easy to talk to and we both have a great sense of humor We are not hung up on much but we all know there needs to be a attraction for it to make it to the bed.

Sluts in Montana

If you are looking for the same and a fun loving couple to hang with then send us a with a pic and tell us something about yourselves Awesome job with laying out how you've been successful with CL. Thanks for taking the time to share it with the board. While we tend to stick with the tried and true, there may come a day when we have to go with the CL route for whatever reason, and using your guide will help the process, a lot.

Similarly, there is a long-running thread where people can post their site profile and have it critiqued. I wanted to link to that post since a lot of the examples are relevant to posting on Craigslist, but could not find it.

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Thanks for your detailed post! We never dreamed of ever using CL until we traveled to an area where there were only about six couples listed on SLS. We bit the bullet and tried CL and met a great couple we would have never found otherwise.

Sluts in Montana

If we had seen your post about a month ago it would have saved us a lot of trial and error, lol! Excellent lesson on how to use CL. We have at times used CL too with success. ZIP:

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