Craigslist sex busts Ann Arbor

Three women were arrested this afternoon in an undercover prostitution sting on East Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti and Ypsilanti Townshipauthorities say. Officers arrested three women on charges of solicitation for prostitution, reports said. They're being held at the Washtenaw County Jail until their arraignment.

Girls were being trafficked online

View Larger Map. Great Job, to both Police Departments!! I take these arrests as saving lives, and perhaps many health issues.

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I don't understand the fact that these women really don't know how serious and dangerous this so called job is. Has anyone taken a count on how many of these women have been found dead, leaving children. I am just so thankful that I don't know anyone so desperate that they have to sell their body or get paid for this type of service they provide.

I hope for more stings, and men as well as women be arrested.

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Mug-shots and names printed I can just see divorce lawyers, making a bundle of money, and child support raises. No way is this a waste of Police Officers time!!

This has been going on for years, since they can't stop it, compromise and try to control it. Don't uses decoys, when they do it brings more Johns to the area and when they do we have women out there who look like prostitutes.

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There are more Johns than prostitutes. I cannot believe some of the stuff I am reading, don't move into the neighborhood??

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Ypsilanti has some fine neighborhoods in the area, of course I am going to move in. I did, four years ago.

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Yes, I expect the Ypsilanti police to clean up the riff raft! They are not paying property taxes to maintain the streets and park where they do their work. Great Job Ypsilanti The folks owning property and sending their children to schools near this area are making the best points.

Craigslist sex busts Ann Arbor

Like what krc, Martin Church, and Angela posted. Also abuse from pimps. Drug abuse.

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Also prostitution is an extremely dangerous business. Prostitutes have always been easy and common victims of sadists and serial killers. So it is a problem and needs attention.

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I forgot this: For those of you who don't live in these neighborhoods, how would you like to have the disgusting task of picking up used condoms and the danger of picking up used needles from your yards and the possibility that the very place you put your foot has been soaked with urine? Families with children have to be extra diligent to prevent them from harming themselves with these items. Atticus, it's 'Syphilis', not syphalis. Amy - they aren't hurting anyone?

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How about the families that have their cars confiscated? How about the wives who contract STDs from their husbands? At the least, condoms don't usually prevent crabs from spreading. The resulting upheaval in the family?

The damage done to the children, if there are any? The relationship between 'husband' and wife? Can't believe you said that. Why aren't their booking photos of these offenders? Perhaps that would be a deterrent? Show their faces Perhaps a deterrent? TDW, here's a thought Call me Crazy. Atticus Appearently you are a expert on law enforcement.

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Perhaps you should enlighten the police on how to solve crimes when they have no suspects. Crystal ball maybe? Yoopertrooper, just look at the headlines in the crime section, ypsi purse snatching, armed robbery in ypsi, assualt in ypsi, every other article is about violent crime in Ypsi And you want to give these folks a big 'pat on the back' for chasing down hookers!

Why dont the police set some priorities and go devote more resources to solving the violent crimes mentioned, as apposed to chasing down hookers? Also, infecting someone with Syphallis is not considered a "violent Crime" as you have wrongly classified it. If that were the case we would be charging everybody who has ever had an STD with such a crime.

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Also, anybody who has sex, should be aware of the risk of STD's. If you catch an STD it's your own fualt, and you really have no legal recourse to charge someone with violence against you.

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Atticus: You're right. I get it now. YOUR moral view is superior to all others. What I don't understand is how you'd come to think that I believe police should do nothing about violent crime. While this article is about busted hookers and there was no mention of rapes, robberies, or violent crimes I do believe it is likely that their arrest and prosecution may have likely prevented such things.

Violent crime, by it's nature is very hard to "stop.

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Do you really think the police would have done nothing until money was exchanged for a sexual service? As far as your assumption of my priorities Would you consider someone infecting another with neurosyphilis a violent crime?

3 women arrested in undercover prostitution sting on East Michigan Avenue, Ypsilanti police say

How loyal are you to these prostitutes? So Yoopertrooper, You think it's a good use of police resources to chase down and harrass people commiting consentual crimes as apposed to useing those resources to stop Violent crime?

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As you mentioned that is a high crime area Sounds like your priorities are all mixed up My priorities are to go after violent crime, rapist, robbers, and violent felons Your priorities seem to be chasing down drunks, hookers, pothe, and anyone else that offends your moral beliefs. I almost forgot the second part: Either the streetwalker was a police decoy, or you were too drunk to be out in public. I was born and bred along Michigan Ave. Only 3 arrests?

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Keep going down to holmes rd and could have been 3 dozen. Atticus nails it again! We should all live as HE "seems" fit! Though, I don't think anyone has claimed pimps and prostitutes have no right to exist. We only expect them to abide by the laws of the land that their taxes paid for like everyone else. This belief that they pay their taxes and are productive members of the community, but should be above the law is ridiculous. And, as far as a few undercover law enforcement officers operating in a high crime area in effort to enforce the law; I can't see how that's a waste of resources.

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It almost seems like that's exactly what they're paid to do. Panther Jeanz, I dont know how you get this belief that your life somehow has more value than the life of a pimp or prostitute. And that you have a right to exist, while these people have no right to existance. If there are people that YOU consider 'bad' hanging out at that park, then don't send your children there, and explain to them that you consider these people to be bad.

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