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Look, we all have little weird sex fantasies. In fact it's far weirder to not have weird sex fantasies.

But this one? This one is very odd and very specific. According to a screenshot found by BuzzFeed's Ryan Broderickone man in Oakland turned to Craigslist in hopes that he could find a young lady who maybe shared in his imagination's sexual wanderings.

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Here was what his romantic missive said. Who among us hasn't watched Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and fantasized about an elaborate scenario in which we are Guy Fieri himselfa flame-haired hero of the food world on a Homeric quest to find the best cheesy, greasy roide food this fine nation has to offer, only to have a diner waitress hike up her skirt and say, "I've got a hot creamy place you can wedge something into"?

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Oh, what's that? I've just been handed a notice from some scientists who study human sexuality GQ keeps them on call and it turns out literally one person in the entire world has ever had this fantasy.

Sex for Atlantic craigslist

So good luck to this hopeful Oakland lover. I hope he finds what he's looking for.

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Or at least finds a pretty good Texas melt with a side of potato wedges. ZIP: 50022

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