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The year-old victim told detectives he met Vanessa Lateisha Hall, 28, on the online classifieds website after posting an ad seeking someone "to keep him company.

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On August 10, Hall went to the victim's home and they had sex, the report said. Hall then told him she was only 17 years old and threatened to report him to the police and tell her father unless he took her shopping and gave her money.

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She alleged to have taken photos of the victim while they were having sex and said she would go to the police if he didn't give her the money. He stopped replying to her messages and went to police. According to the report, the victim told police the stress from Halls threats were going to give him a heart attack.

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Detectives were able to track down Hall from the phone she used to contact the man and a receipt from a Sprint store where the victim made a purchase during her shopping spree, police said. They then discovered she was actually 28 years old, the report said.

It was unknown if she's hired an attorney. South Florida.

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craigslist Florida sex

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