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Location: bham incalls!! I agree with all that Rat. Even now with my I post I get crap responses for 19 of every 20 replies I receive. It's either crapor crap replies.

There's not many girls I'd pay the prices they're asking on CL to begin with anyway. I certainly wouldn't pay Brittany any more than what I would pay a SW on 1st. The only thing you get with Brittany is someone in her early 20's, and I can find that riding down 1st.

The way I look at it I'd have to have a complete GFE if I was to ever pay any girl what these CL ask for, and more often than not you're not going to get that.

GFE requires the girl act like they actually want to be with you, and that they're turned on by you, doing things intimately other than sex as if they want to be with you. Unless some guy shows up looking like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, these girls aren't going to want to do that.

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I can get more GFE by calling party lines and getting girls to reply to my than for me answering escort wannabeand those don't cost anything. Sure, alot of the type girls you get like that will be overweight and some will be in an unhappy relationship or something.

But those can be some of the best experiences you can have because those girls are hungry for attention and will show the same in return.

Clark - I too have tried to meet "non-pro" ladies through CL, but all I end up with are stupid or obvious attempts to get some kind of personal or financial info from me. I think I am desperate enough now that I would even be happy to meet up with an overweight girl. Well I've said before how to beat the fake and all at their own game. I hardly ever respond to CL. I post here and there and let them come to me. You get as many fake responses by postingbut if you post frequently, they're pretty easy to spot. Most fake lately put a copy of your ad at the bottom of their reply, plus they always have some website link mixed into their response.

They also most always have a gmail. It's also funny how alot of the responders have a male name as the sender, yet a girl is supposedly replying inside the message.

Personals near Alabama, USA

I also use an address which I have nothing but CL replies sent to, that way anything I get I know it's something sent to me as a result of my ad. There's also this dude from Pell City that replies to every ad I post wondering if, while I'm waiting on replies I'm seeking from my ad, if I'd be interested in letting him service me.

Personals near Alabama, USA

He must reply to every guy that posts. You'd think there'd be enough in the gay section to satisfy his needs, lol. I tend to have better luck, though, by calling the local chat lines than CLbecause most of those who I talk to on chat lines are ready to meet up right then. CL responders seem to want to chat forever and ask inane questions, like it's less safe to meet someone you talk to online than it is to meet someone from a chat line.

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I will say I do have occasional luck on CL, and that makes it worth it to me to continue posting my here and there. I had this black girl respond to me who lived in LA and was coming to the area to visit her family, and was looking basically for someone to meet up with her at her hotel and have a good time with her while she was here overnight.

We met up at her hotel and had a good time, and I went home the next morning. She reminded me of Mandisa from American Idol, and it was just a meet up for sex, and nothing was ever mentioned or thought about in regards to her wanting payment. She just wanted to have a good time. It was an all night GFE experience, and I totally enjoyed it.

Those are the type girls I look for on CL and chat lines. I wouldn't say I was desperate as you said you are in regards to getting with an overweight girl or getting with girls who answer my ad on CL. Especially when that ditzy girl is more interested in checking her phone for messages, don't want you touching her or doing certain things to her and acts as if she's disgusted if you try to kiss her or get close to her. I'm also not interested in dealing with the hassle of fake pics, multiple for the sameand the stupid LE trying to catch you in a trap.

Personals near Alabama, USA

Even if I had the amount of money to throw away for stuff like that, I'd still choose other avenues to spend my money. She was a 4 on a CL ad and a 7 for a SW her face is deffinately not her best feature.

Craigslist Birmingham black lady oral sex

Kinda like picking up the Waffle House waitress with the hot little figure. We did speak a few times and very cautious woman.

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FYI she requires a pay check stub of business card to ID you are a working class kinda guy. I'm one of those gold brick'n bitches and have nothing of the sort. I told her I would bare all entering the room and she was okay with that. Juess she had seconds thoughts. Realy wish I could have scored a date, but better luck to me friends. She says she is gonna be around for a few. What is the best place for a provider to stay while in this city? Homewood Lakeshore is on the bottom of my list, MntBrk- hell doesn't even have a motel, Galleria, onIrondale, Roebuck, any thoughts?

I have been watching this ad on CL for quite some time and have been skeptical because it just looked to good to be true. I even talked to her once before and didn't get a good vibe so I passed.

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Guys she's the real deal. Pics are accurate as well as the description of service.

Personals near Alabama, USA

Damn I'm glad I visited this young gal she even put a bounce back in my step this morning. It was obvious however that she's new to this line of work and needed some coaching. But overall I had a very nice experience.

Personals near Alabama, USA

She is one of the few providers, or should I say one of only two, from CL I have seen that made me feel I made a wise investment. If you like the pics then this is a must see! Many would consider this request uncouth, but I'll make it anyways. What was the damage? Personally I'm not interested too far awaybut others might be. Especially after your endorsement. Her rates were posted in the ad Not real logical pricing if you ask me.

Personals near Alabama, USA

Come and enjoy an erotic session full of temptation. Your time will not be rushed with me. Then Look No Further Yes, I read that; I was just curious if she negotiated. I've found that most times these things are flexible; after all, she too wants what we have to offer. And that skill is part of the hunt.

Personals near Alabama, USA

I did the thirty minute service and paid what was advertised. Of course to each his own, but when I meet a provider and like what I see I pay the asking price and tip if I like the service.

Personals near Alabama, USA

Which is what I did in this case. Think about it,if you start negotiating from the very outset you set the provider in a in a lack luster mood because she feels haggled. If I don't like the service I don't return and notify other hobbiest of the poor service.

Personals near Alabama, USA

If the provider is of ANY quality, like in any other business, they will remember and the mood is set for her to be eager to repeat if not beat her session with you. On the other hand if I'm dealing with a low quality provider, such as a SW or a provider I'm not attracted to, I may try negotiating.

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Again that's just me and I'm sure there are those that feel differently. Really it comes down to whatever floats your boat and what you're willing to pay to set it assail.

Personals near Alabama, USA

Actually the board has been a bit dry lately in regards to good providers, SW or otherwise, that have been had. I know I have found USG to be very helpful in the past.

Personals near Alabama, USA

All it takes is for those of us that are partaking to take a few minutes to share the experience, good or bad. I call and get her off guard and tell her I only have time for a quickie and what can se do?

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The entrapeneural sprit lives in most of them. We spent a hour together. The first half was chit chating feeling each other out for possible LE, funny times.

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But now I have a nice relationship with a smart chick that stays way under the radar. Its those old war horses like Ginger lee that has that take it or leave it attitude. She and her sister must have boy friends or on the road.

Personals near Alabama, USA

Reading other cities forums, I came upon an ad from Atlanta advertising a girl who is a squirter, with pictures, lol. Reading other cities forums, I came upon an ad from Atlanta advertising a girl who is a squirter, with pictures, LOL. I've had those Kind of showers before. Kinda nice feeling that warm gush while inside, but DATY, will set you back on your ass learning why women that spit and not swallow will never get a thumbs down from me.

Okay looking for first hand knowledge about Kim posting on CL. Please P. ZIP: 35218 35214 35215 35217 35210 35211 35212 35213 35243 35242 35224 35221 35222 35228 35203 35207 35206 35205 35204 35209 35208 35254 35068 35061 35234 35235 35233 35201 35202 35220 35232 35237 35238 35246 35249 35255 35259 35261 35270 35282 35283 35285 35287 35290 35291 35292 35294 35295 35297 35298

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